The United States Of America is indeed a diverse country full of very different kinds of places and people as well. A lot of people around the world have a craze and a longing to visit the United States Of America, and I am not even one bit surprised because the country is indeed gorgeous and there are countless places that are beautiful. The expanse of places which are amazing is indeed mind-boggling. Without further ado lotto 4d results, let us dive into all of the places that we can visit on the west coast of the USA mmc996 online casino .

The entire region is filled with glamorous cities and also stunning national parks where you can take beautiful drives. You will also find some fast food joints here, and you can get the food and eat them in your car. Things like these actually make up a beautiful road trip. Here is that list.

beautiful road trip

  • Go to Seattle, Washington. It should be labeled as an ‘alternative’ US city but is also so much more than that. I, myself spent a couple of days there, and I actually ended up loving every minute there. The first Starbucks outlet that opened there was in 1971, so sip some coffee there and take a city tour. I am sure that you will have a great time.
  • The next place on this list would be San Francisco in California. SFO, as they say, is indeed one of the most amazing and also most beautiful places that I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. I had an absolute blast when I was there. You should go see the Golden Gate Bridge and also have fun on some beaches. There are so many places which will give you a beautiful view of the bridge. Do not miss out on Alcatraz Island and also make sure that you ride around in those trams in the city. Take a city tour.

Take a city tour.

  • The next place would be Los Angeles in California. You may have noticed a pattern here, and that’s because California is freaking amazing. LA has Hollywood; I feel that would be enough to sell it. The beaches will make you fall in love with the place.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon. It is one of the biggest naturally formed places that will impress you for sure.
  • Go to Death Valley, which is also in California. You will lose yourself when you are stargazing in the night. You will be able to see the galaxy because you are so far away from all the city lights.
  • Go to Lake Tahoe; it is magnificent.